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International Peace Walk
Towards A Nuclear Free Future

Oak Ridge TN to the UN building NY
February 11th to May 1st


Please be prepared for cold weather

FootPrints for Peace would like to invite all to join in a journey of walking in solidarity for a nuclear free future. The walk will begin on February 11th in Oak Ridge TN at the Y12 Nuclear Research Facility and finish at the UN building New York in time for the Nuclear Non Proliferation Meetings. We aim to raise awareness and to learn ourselves about alternative energy and sustainable lifestyles while exposing the deadly effects of the nuclear industry.

This is an open walk accessible for all and focused on creating a family friendly atmosphere. We walk on average 15 miles per day. Please bring music, banners & good humor. Please walk with us for as long as you can – a single step or for the entire walk.

This will be a drug and alcohol free event

For more information on what to expect on the walk please read:
What to expect     What to bring    How you can help

Groups supporting this event:

Fremantle Anti-Nuclear Group OREPA
Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance
Nuclear Information and Resource Services
Equal Exchange

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Mayors for Peace Equal Exchange  
ANAWA Voltaic People For Nuclear Disarmament
Sierra Club
Click here to visit this site Click here to visit this site Click here o visit this site
Veterans for Peace
Vandenberg Witness
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Stony Point Center   Flying Tiger Martial Arts
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Google Map of the walk
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