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Prisoners of Conscience

Updates From The Road

For this year's Prisoners of Conscience run we decided to do something a little different. We decided to run around the FMC Prison in Lexington KY. Back in early April we had a small gathering outside the prison to have a going in picnic for Sister Mary Dennis and Anika Cunningham. Both were going in for crossing the line at the SOA protest Anika was sentenced to 30 day's and Sister Mary Dennis received a six-month sentence.

So at our morning circle we remember them, and all prisoners of conscience now and in the past. We read excerpts from letters that we have received from them and others over the years. And as always remembering
Leonard Peltier.

The morning is wet and a little cold and foggy. About an hour into our running the sun was out and warming up everything. We have two teams of runners one that will break right and one to break left then we will come back together at the prison. Jon, Terry and Jim took to the left and John and Larry went right. Larry and John had worked out the route the night before and it was a simple route only a few turns.

Jon led us off for the day, as the day went on the traffic got a lot heavier. And we all really had to pay attention at the cross walks. Thankfully there was a nice shoulder or sidewalk to run on. We couldn't have asked for a nicer day.

We finished up at the prison with a closing circle and a prayer for all the people who have sacrificed so much who have stood up to say


We Thank You.