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Nuclear Free Future Run

Updates From The Road
August 4th - August 8th - 2003

Day 1, August 4th

   The run today began at Horseshoe Mound, Portsmouth, Ohio. The overnight hosts, Che and Jimmy Two Bears, are caretakers of this horseshoe mound, the only one in existence that is still preserved. The mound was given back to the Shawnee by the city of Portsmouth. Jim and Jon covered 30 miles today, and are over nighting in Manchester, KY
Day 2, August 5th

   Manchester, KY to Boone Heights, KY. Running again today was rough. The roads were slim and windy until the last 3 miles, and then Rte 25 opened up. Other than running, the day was quite relaxed. Tomorrow will prove challenging as the route will travel along Daniel Boone National Forest. Many nice people welcomed the run during the day, opening hearts and offering support if needed. Tomorrow the run will travel along Rte US 25 E, near Corbin towards Cumberland Gap.

Day 3, August 6th

   Tired today not much to report running in spirit

Day 4, August 7, 2003

   The runnin' was good today, another runner, Mark Porter-Webb from Earlham College, joined up today. Thoughts today focused a lot on what yesterday was, Aug. 6, Hiroshima day. The route today was also the run route in 2001, and part of the Hiroshima Flame Walk in 2002. After the miles were covered, the boys headed to Ralph Hutchinson's house, the founder of O.R.E.P.A., the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance. Tonight's activities focused on preparations for the vigil tomorrow: building symbolic corpses, fasting and preparing for the gathering at 5 p.m. tomorrow night. For information on the activities taking place August 9-10:

Day 5, August 8th

   The Run for a Nuclear Free Future concluded yesterday afternoon as the runners were welcomed into Oakridge at the Y-12 plant by a gathering of supporters. They were met by a a pilgrimage from Atlanta to Oakridge. The group of walkers and runners stayed at a catholic church last night, and prayer this morning focused on Nagasaki. Today in lieu on the nonviolence training session, a group of rather experienced activists will go to the Smoky Mountain Peace Pagoda to view the progress of the work camps before. This will be Jim's first time back to the pagoda since visiting Sister Denise and Patrick Liteky there this summer. Tomorrow morning we will gather a mile and a half away from the Y-12 nuclear weapons facility to walk together in peace and solidarity with others that have gathered from around the world towards a more peaceful world.

In peace,