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Earth Day Event

April 24 2004

On Saturday morning the 24th I arrived at Chief Little Turtle Statue in Covington KY on the Ohio river it was foggy and I was wondering how my father was doing he had started his leg of the run at 6:00 am going from Amelia Ohio to East fork Lake State Park. Jon D, and Larry showed up around the same time and Jon C showed up a few minutes later. We listened for a little bit to the speakers that were across the river in Ohio. They were about to start their own run Race for the cure also for a great cause.

We came together and decided to run and walk in prayer to celebrate and give thanks for all that Earth provides for us. Around 8:30 we took off Larry started us off followed by Jon now I wasn’t with them so I can’t tell you much about that part of the run. Jon C and I drove up 10 miles and got started Jon was the first one out and I dove up to my starting point and waited. While I was waiting I decided to read, the book is called Discounted Casualties about the effects of DU on soldiers that were in the Gulf War. Well I was reading and Jon missed me. I looked up at my clock and realized that it was taking to long and I went looking for Jon he ended up running 3 ½ miles past his stop point. I couldn’t believe it. I got out and only had a mile and a half left so I ran it. While I was running I saw a girl with a Race for the cure t-shirt on just out walking. It made me feel good that other people were doing the same thing we were doing maybe not for the exact same reasons but stile in the same spirit. During my run Jon D and Larry drove by on their way to our stopping point a few minutes later I arrived.

In our closing circle Dad told us about his run in the morning and how surreal and beautiful everything looked as the sun was coming up and melting away the fog
(for a more detailed report click here) that was so thick he could hardly see his hand in front of his face. We ended as always with a round of thanks and hugs.