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Participant Information

The following are basic guidelines to help you prepare for a Footprints for Peace event.  We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have that could arise from these guidelines



There is no registration fee to join an event.  The cost is $5-$10 sliding scale per person per day.  This helps to pay for support vehicles, food, mobile phones and associated costs for the event.  No person will be turned away from our events in relation to money, and we encourage those that can afford more than the suggested amount to please make a considerable donation. 

Everyone is responsible for paying their own cost of travel to and from the event.


Each person that would like to participate in any of our events is required to fill out a registration form and send this to Footprints for Peace. Go to the specific event you wish to participate in and
Register Today

Stay Places

We will organize with local communities along the route to arrange overnight accommodation and possible meals.  At times we will have access to showers and the internet.  However please be aware that in some communities this is very difficult to organize and we may be without for some days.  

The stay places will be a mixture of space.  Please be prepared to sleep on floors, in small spaces and outdoors. You will be expected to bring all your own equipment, ie: sleeping bag & mat, tent etc. 

As we rely on the tremendous generosity of the local community in organizing our overnight stay place we ask that people do not burden the hosts with individual demands.  FootPrints for Peace accepts graciously what is given and organized for us in advance.


Please contact us about bringing dogs or other pets on the walk. This will change for different events. It will all depend on where we are walking and the accommodations that have been arranged.


FootPrints for Peace will organize for support vehicles on each event unless otherwise stated.  These will be used for the transportation of participants luggage and most of the time someone will be on the road for support.


As we will be co-ordinating with local people to organize food for the participants we will accept what is offered to us.  At each opportunity we will request the possibility of vegetarian meals.   

There will be a kitchen support van for most events.  The meals will be vegetarian when the collective is to cook its’ own meals.  

We will eat our meals together as a community with local people whenever possible.

If you have a special diet it will be your own responsibility to take care of these needs.

Please be prepared to help with cooking and cleaning responsibilities.


We request that all luggage and equipment is kept as light and compact as possible.

Please ensure you have your own eating utensils including a bowl or plate and mug.

Basic List:

Tent, sleeping bag & mat, flashlight, raincoat, sunhat & sunscreen, toiletries, warm and cool clothing, personal spending money, day pack

You are responsible for the packing and safety of your own luggage.

You will need a day pack to carry your basic needs for the day’s journey: Water bottle, rain jacket, camera etc.


We encourage people to come with their children as each event will be a family friendly event.  Please be fully responsible for your children.



FootPrints for Peace events will function as a collective from the beginning. People of all ages, backgrounds and cultures will come together to walk the land and live in community sharing responsibilities – an exciting opportunity to be involved.

Through-out the event there will be regular circles to share information and attempt to exercise non hierarchy system to make decisions on a consensus-driven basis. However we are aware of rest being essential on these events and may have to use another method.

Be prepared to rise early. The daily schedule will begin between 8.00 am & 9.00 am, however before we begin we eat breakfast, pack & clean up. Depending on the terrain, the weather, the location we finish around 4.00pm. 

We generally walk 20-28kms / 12-18 miles a day from stay place to stay place.  In the event of not finding a suitable close stay place we will take transport to the stay place and return the following morning to start were we stopped.


Walk Events:

We walk as a group and stop every hour for approximately 10 minutes and take an hour for lunch.


Running Events:

These events will be done in a relay style for example if you have 100 miles to cover with two vehicles and 10 runners each vehicle will be responsible for covering 50 miles.

 We do have walkers that come on these events when we do we plot out 15 miles at the end of the day for the walkers.

Lunch will be provided for each vehicle and the runners in those vehicles will be responsible for their own schedule.


Bike Riding Events:

On these events the only time we will have a support vehicle is after the event is over and everyone is welcome to ride back to the point of origin together. All cyclist will be responsible for their own gear and still be prepared for floor sleeping arangments.

FootPrints will arrange to have the overnight host supply an evening meal. And we will waive the 5 to 10 dollar a day donation so that each cyclist can pay for their own lunch.

Be prepared for some late evenings and possible events during rest days due to organized public meetings, school talks and social events.

We encourage people to offer and share their skills to create a diverse exciting moving collective.  If you have experience in webpage updates, writing, photography, map reading, organizing, singing, group facilitation, banner making, conflict resolution etc share this with the community so we can all learn new skills and learn from each other.



7.00am rise

7.30am breakfast

8.00am pack & clean stay place

8.30am morning circle

9.00am begin walking

4.00pm arrive at stay place

free time unless host has schedule an event

media /  local greeting

6.00pm dinner

7.00pm public meeting / cultural exchange / free time

10.00pm lights out




Walking Events:

We will try to walk as one group.  For the safety of all participants and the public we will have people at the front, in the middle, and at the back of the group of walkers that will carry safety flags and wear visible vests.  Be prepared to follow the direction of these safety people especially when crossing roads.

Walkers are requested to respect the sharing of footpaths with other pedestrians so single file maybe necessary at times.

We would ask that while we are walking that IPods, radios and other musical devices that block the hearing of traffic and other noises not be used.


Running Events:

Always run against traffic

Always be aware of people and other vehicles


Please make sure each rider has a helmet and a visible safety vest.  We will ride single file on busy roads

Each participant of a FootPrints for Peace Event is responsible for themselves and their property at all times.

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