FootPrints for Peace presents Walk to Stop Mountain Top Removal

Enriched uranium
for Little Boy bomb that destroyed Japanese city 65 years ago

Names and Remembrance Ceremony memorializes victims, recalls destruction by US, and looks to a future free of nuclear weapons

The ceremony beings before dawn with the reading of names of those who died in Hiroshima; as each name is read, a bell is tolled and a peace crane is tied to the barbed wire fence surrounding the weapons plant. Eyewitness descriptions from survivors and poetry from contemporaneous witnesses are also read during the three hour ceremony which pauses at 8:15am to mark the time the bomb exploded over Hiroshima.

“This solemn ceremony recalls the first use of atomic weapons of mass destruction on a civilian population,” said Ralph Hutchison, coordinator of the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance. “It is important to remember our history. For decades, the people of the United States were shielded from the truth of the destruction of Hiroshima by our government. If we are to learn from the past, and forge a better future, we have to confront the truth, for better or worse.”

The Names and Remembrance ceremony also expresses the hopes of those who will gather for a future free of nuclear weapons. “People will come from Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, Japan and across East Tennessee, from all walks of life, to bear witness to the longing of all our hearts for a peace that is not overshadowed by the threat of nuclear weapons,” Hutchison said. “It is important that we stand in Oak Ridge, whether thermonuclear weapons are still being produced, to declare ourselves for nuclear disarmament.

Everyone is invited to attend and participate

Come Bike With Us!

*Carbon Free *Nuclear Free *Self Sufficient *No Support Vehicle

This years event will start in
Cincinnati Ohio on July 31st
and finish in
Oak Ridge Tennessee at the Y12 Nuclear Weapons Complex August 6th
In time for the Names & Remembrance Ceremony

Map of the route

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Dates and overnights

July 31st - Crittenden Kentucky
August 1st - Lexington Kentucky
August 2nd - Mt Vernon Kentucky
August 3rd - Williamsburg Kentucky
August 4th - Lake City Tennessee
August 5th - Knoxville Tennessee
August 6th - Oak Ridge TN

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