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One Day of Peace Run

Updates From The Road
January 1st 2003

      This year more than ever do we need to spread the message of PEACE........ At midnight half of the runners were bringing in the New Year at the New Years Eve Powwow. We all gathered in a circle dancing to the drumming and singing of traditional Native American songs. Back to the hotel around 1 am unfortunately for some of us the prank phone calls didn't stop until 4am in the morning. 6:15 am came fast and I walked out onto the balcony and it was FREEZING!!!! and RAINING. Stile this was our way of celebrating and praying for world peace we gathered to drive to the start point and to meet the runners coming up from Cincinnati.

   There was a little doubt that this run would happen. When we arrived at the start point. There was the gang I knew in the back of my mind they would be there. About 9am we were at a United Dairy Farmers and I had asked the clerk if it was okay for us to have a short gathering in the store because it was raining so hard outside she said sure. We got the mileage and Albert Running Wolf said a prayer for us and Ammon Russell was the first runner. As we hurried to our cars Ammon took off it was raining so hard. As I watched Ammon taking off 4 Police cruisers pulled in calling in our license plates. I guess it wasn't alright for us to gather there after all?

   What perfect timing. The run was on it's way!!! Everything went well and we arrived at the Powwow looking wet very wet but strong. They honored us at the Powwow by bringing us into the circle and doing an honor song. Everyone came out to shake hands. And the Powwow director said some really nice things about us and FootPrints for Peace. And we did what we set out to do inform people that from now on January 1st just isn't New Years Day It's also One Day Of Peace.

I would like to thank OCNAA for supporting this run and What it represents, The American Indian Movement Support Group Of Ohio and Northern Kentucky and all the runners and supporters.

Peace to all,
Jim Toren