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Peace March
Darfur Cincinnati 2007






The crowd started to gather on Fountain Square in Cincinnati Ohio we have come together to Show our support for the people of Darfur.

One of our local celebrities Nick Clooney is speaking today about his trip to Darfur with his son George. Not only are they speaking here but they have also spoke at the UN on the devastation that they have witnessed first hand. Mr. Clooney informed the crowed that every 4 1/2 minutes someone dies in Darfur.

During the event people were asked to come up and say who they were and who they were representing I am prod to say that this is my sister Katheryn Jones representing Katrina, Vanessa, and Andre along with Sands Montessori School.

Cincinnati's mayor Mark Mallory spoke as well today and was leaving right before the march down to the Freedom Center down on the river. John Toren managed to get Mark's attention and talk to him about getting on board with the Mayors for Peace campaign. The mayor asked him to send him the information and he would look at it. We'll keep you posted.

We finished this event by marching down to the Freedom Center. Also known as the Underground Railroad Museum. The weather was perfect and sunny but there was also a shadow of the images of men, women and children being murdered, raped, and starving to death. The thought of in the time we spent together here 15 more people died. Something must be done we need to do all we can to help and now.


For way's you can help please visit the following web site.