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Run for Freedom
1997 - 2006

Since 1997 the Run for Freedom has been running and walking great distances to different communities through out the United States & Canada. Carrying the story of Leonard Peltier in the hope of raising awarness of his case and other Prisoners Of Conscience.

For more information on Leonard Peltier click here to visit hie web site.

1997 Covington KY to Tulsa OK

1998 Covington KY to Thunder Bay, Canada

1999 Covington KY to Lawerence Kansas

1999 II Philadelphia PA. to Washington DC - Click Here

2000 Covington KY to Serpent Mound Ohio

2001 Covington KY to St Petersburg FL

2002 Tri-state run Kentucky, Indiana & Ohio - Click Here

2003 Covington KY to Leavenworth Kansas - Click Here

2004 Covington KY to Serpent Mound Ohio - Click Here

2005 Covington KY to Serpent Mound Ohio

2006 Covington KY to Lewisburg PA - Click Here


2007 Covington KY to Serpent Mound Ohio - Click Here



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