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Prisoners Of Conscience

September 8th 2007

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6:00 am September 8th and its dark out but this is when we have to head out for Lexington Kentucky. We are heading to our friends Larry Crane’s house to start the Prisoners of Conscience Event (POC Event) the event is to remember and give thanks for the people that given up sections of their lives to say no to the horrible criminal acts committed by graduates of the SOA.

We arrived at Larry’s around 8:00 am and Jon has already arrived and they are waiting for us. The run/walk will start close to were Larry lives and circle Lexington and end at the prison on the west side of the city were many of our friends have spent time. There are four of us so when we arrive at Man O’War Street two of us will head right two of us will head left connecting again on the west side of town close to were the prison is.

We split up the miles and then run them in sections taking a break in between miles like for Jon and me Jon ran 5 miles and then I ran 4 miles while Jon takes a break then when I finish up Jon goes out again and we continue to do that rotation until we are finished. The first section was overcast and nice and cool but the second time out the clouds had burned off and it was hot.

We finished up right at the same time it was perfect timing. It was around noon so we had a closing circle with the prison behind us and I thought about the last event we are going to have this year the
International Peace Walk to Close the SOA happening in November this year.

See ya all there. Peace

Participants Profiles

Jim Toren
Jon Blickenstaff
Larry Crane
John Toren

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