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Women’s’ Walk for Peace from Brisbane to Canberra

My name is June Norman and I am organising a women’s’ walk for peace from Brisbane to Canberra.  The walk will be held from February to May 2010.

We are seeking assistance from your community for in any number of ways such as

  • promote of the walk,
  • overnight accommodation (church halls, community space, individual homes etc),[walkers will have their own tents and sleeping bags]
  • public meetings with local MP’s, Mayors, religious leaders etc,
  • events such as pot luck dinners, school talks, local community gatherings including artists, musicians etc,
  • organising a fundraising event with a speaking tour before the walk and or during the walk.
  • financial support

 FootPrints for Peace believe that every step counts and would like to invite women from your community to walk with us for one hour, one day, one week or the whole journey.  Men are invited to join us in a supporting role.

 I have walked with FootPrints for Peace for two events where I travelled through Germany, Switzerland and France.  I found that these walks were a great way to educate, inspire and empower individuals and communities to build a positive future.

 I will be travelling through your area from early October to early November and would really welcome an opportunity to meet you to discuss ways your community can be involved.

 Yours in Peace,

June Norman

FootPrints for Peace Australia


Pone: 0438 169 414