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Nuclear Free Future

July 29th trough August 6th 2009
Columbus OH to Oakridge TN

For more information contact us:
Email Phone: (513) 843-1205

FootPrints for Peace

A little history

The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, located near Portsmouth, Ohio, began operations in 1954 as part of a U.S. government expansion program for the production of highly enriched uranium to fuel military reactors, nuclear weapons production and for use at the Y-12 plant in Oakridge TN.

In May 2001, USEC ceased uranium enrichment operations at Portsmouth and consolidated operations at the Paducah KY plant.

In January of 2004 USEC announced the selection of Piketon just north of Portsmouth as the expected site for its future American Centrifuge Plant. This commercial uranium enrichment facility is planned to have an annual production level of 3.8 million SWU.

When & Where

This event will start at the City Center Mall in Columbus Ohio on the corner of E. Rich St. and S. High St 8:00am Wensday July 29th and will end at Horse shoe Mound Park in Portsmouth Ohio on the 4th of August. Also on the evening of August 4th at 7:00pm we will be showing Climate of Change.

 On the 5th we will caravan to Knoxville TN and on the Morning of the 6th participate in the ceremony at the Y12 plant in
Oakridge TN.

For information on events happening in Oakridge please Click Here

If you would like to participate in this event
as a walker support car driver or
a overnight host please
contact us.

All FootPrints for Peace events are Non Violent, Drug & Alcohol Free Events.

If you intend on participating in this or any of FootPrints events please read the information for participants.

How you can help What to bring What to expect


Rout Information

July 29th - Day 1
On the corner High Street and E Rich Street in
Columbus to the intersection of us 23
and Duval Rd
13.3 mile
Head south on High st follow high st until it turns into us 23 follow 23 to the intersection of 23 and Duval Road.

July 30 - Day 2
Intersection of us 23 and Duval Rd
to Circleville Ohio
12.2 Miles
Route 23 south

July 31st - Day 3
Circleville Ohio to the intersection of
us 23 and 207
13.1 Miles
Route 23 south

August 1st - Day 4
Intersection of us 23 and 207 to the intersection
of us 23 and Mt Tabor rd
13 miles
Take the OH-159/Bridge St/US-23-BL ramp to US-35 W/Kingston
Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Chillicothe/Bridge St/Washington C H and merge onto N Bridge St/OH-159 S/US-23-BL S
Continue to follow N Bridge St/US-23-BL S
Turn right to merge onto OH-104 S/US-23 S

August 2nd - Day 5
Intersection 23 and Mt Tabor rd to Piketon
13 miles
Route 23 south

August 3rd - Day 6
Piketon to Lucasville
13.3 miles
Route 23 south

August 4th - Day 7
Lucasville to Horse Shoe Mound
10.7 miles
Route 23 south

August 5th - Day 8
Caravan to Knoxville

August 6th - Day 9
Ceremony Oakridge TN

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