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Earth Day Event

April 11th, 2008

Earth Day

A little history

John McConnell, Founder of Earth Day initiated the celebration of Earth Day on March 21, 1970. The first Proclamation of Earth Day was by San Francisco, the City of Saint Francis, patron saint of ecology. Designating the First Day of Spring, March 21, 1970 to be Earth Day

The United Nations marks Earth Day each year on the vernal equinox (around March 21). On February 26, 1971, UN Secretary-General U Thant signed a proclamation to that effect. At the moment of the equinox, it is traditional to observe the day by ringing the Japanese Peace Bell, a bell donated by Japan to the United Nations. The United Nations also works with organizers of the April 22nd global event.

United States Senator Gaylord Nelson responding to wide spread environmental degradation called for an Earth Day to be held on April 22, 1970. Over 20 million people participated and it is now observed each year by more than 500 million people and national governments in 175 countries.

All FootPrints for Peace events are Drug & Alcohol Free.

Event Information

Our annual Earth Day event will take place on
Saturday April 11th.

We will start this event at 8:00 am at
Chief Little Turtle Statue in
Covington KY.

This event will take us across the River into
Ohio and along the Ohio River until we make
our way north to
Cincinnati Nature Center

This is just a one day local event all are
welcome to join us as we walk and run
carrying the message

All Life Is Sacred

If you are interested in participating in this event please
contact us.